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17 kwi 2015

Big smile from people in Indonesia ;)

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Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world, with an estimated total population of over 252 milion people.

However, excluding further statistics from Wikipedia I would like to reflect on the characteristics of the people there.

My observations are that it doesn’t matter if you are in a big, populous city such as Jakarta or walking the streets of a small town like Sorong or watching the natives living on a small island –  a smile on the face of the majority of people can be seen everywhere.

Is this nation really likes to smile? Or maybe I was lucky to meet just happy Indonesians? Or maybe they just smile to tourists…?

My memories of Indonesians are very consistent, they are very friendly, very pleasant people.
Often living in poverty, hard-working but with a smile on their face. Older people siting on benches, children playing in the street, men working in the workshop, a woman hanging laundry. Observe their everyday life, which sometimes does not differ from yours, but you see one important difference joy on their faces.

Of course, it is interesting question that this is actually their everyday life or just a facial designed for visitors?
Do people in Indonesia have cheerful nature and the joy of everyday life ? Or smile is an emotion dedicated only for tourists?

These questions do not find an answer. My visit to Indonesia was too short so I can’t make general conclusions.
However it is always nice stay in the country full of smile from residents ;)



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  1. Thanks for your visit to Indonesia :)

    I can say that most of Indonesian people are cheerfull and enjoying their life everyday, not only to visitors, but in their daily activity also spread their smile and happiness.

    I hope you can go back to Indonesia, and if I had a chance, I will show you how Indonesian people can always spread happiness everyday :)

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