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following the whale shark

Cruise to Cenderawasih Bay

The whale shark is the biggest fish in the world, which impresses and attracts divers with its charm and majesty. While eating only plankton and small fish – the whale shark is completely harmless to humans. Unfortunately its existence is in risk, due to humans’ activities and a low birth rate. Those giants can live even up to 100 years.

To follow the whale shark we reach the Cenderawasih National Park, situated in the Cenderawasih Bay, on the North part of Indonesian’s province West Papua. The park, founded in 1993, has a size of 1 400 000 hectares and is the largest marine park in Indonesia. The name “Cenderawasih” comes from the bird of paradise, which is a symbol of Papua.

The park is located 250 kilometres away from Manokwari and includes pristine coast and dozens of uninhabited islands. The closest villages are situated on bigger islands: Yap, Rumberpon, Roon and Mioswar.

The jungle is inhabited by deers, wild pigs, casuariidae, monitor lizards and forest kangaroos. Papua is also a paradise for bird-watchers: one can see there 37 species of birds of paradise, white and black royal cockatoos, sea eagles and hornbills.

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Wreck diving

The underwater world hides many wrecks from the times of II World War. Most of them are located in D’Ore Bay, nearby Manokwari.


is patrol vessel 35m long and lies at a depth of 18 metres, parallel to the coast of the Mansinam Island, in front of the cross – a symbol of arrival of the first missionaries (that’s where the name of the ship comes from).

„Shinwa Maru” (The Good Ghost)

is a huge, 120-metre-long cargo ship, which lies 35 metres under the water. It sank near the Manokwari port, hit by two bombs, which left holes in the bow. In a cargo space there are cables, machine for moving the bombs and empty bombs. There is a big shoal of horse mackerels, which seems to take care about the wreck. The sides are decorated with soft and hard corals and pearl oysters.


is situated 40-50 metres deep, near the Mansinam island. It’s very damaged and lonely in the depth, that’s why was named “Ghost”.

„Pasir Putih” (The White Sand)

is military patrol vessel, 30-35-metre-long. It lies on a sandy bottom, 13-22 metres deep, with beak pointing toward the shore.


is a cargo ship carrying ammunition, 60-65 metes-long, which lies on the starboard side in 16 meters of the island Mansinam. Well preserved.


is a 40-meter patrol vessel, which lies at 9 meters under the water, an hour from Manokwari.


is an American biplane, which sank when trying to encircle the earth in 1931. It is well preserved and lies at a depth of 27 metres.

P-40N Kitty Hawk

is an Australian military aircraft, lies at 25 meters, on the other side of the cape, on the open sea, one hour of Manokwari. It has a very well-preserved left wing, the body and the cabin.

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Costs and transportation


The participation fee includes:

  • 11 nights on the ship
  • full catering on board (European and Asian cuisine), hot and cold soft drinks
  • up to 4 dives a day
  • transfer from / to the Manokwari airport


Participation fee

VIP cabin (2 cabins): 3 550 EUR
STANDARD cabin (5 cabins): 3 300 EUR


Price does not include:

  • 190 USD surcharge including entrance fee to Cenderawasih Marine Reserve, local fees, port clearance and administration;
  • flight to Manokwari
  • Indonesian visa (obtained at the airport in Jakarta / Makassar) (30 USD)
  • rental of diving equipment (ABC, BCD, regulator: 10 USD/day/item)
  • alcoholic beverages
  • tips for the crew


Additional costs:

  • A flight to Jakarta
  • The flight with local airlines to Manokwari via Makassar
    eg. from Jakarta from 300 EUR, both directions.


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Additional trips


Trip to wild tribe DANI

Exciting, five-day tour around the wild regions of Indonesia. The tribes of Dani is one of the last of the wild tribes in the world to live and live under the same conditions for thousands of years.

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Jeep trip

The two-day expedition with professionally prepared off-road cars in the mountains and passes the Gulf of Cenderawasih. Difficult crossing, camping and meeting with the tribe of natives living Arfak …

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Approximate programme


The first part of the trip leads to the heart of Cenderawasih Park, where the rocky islands are inhabited by people of Roon, descendants of former cannibals.
Another attraction will be a trip to the Yende village, where people still live without electricity, in huts made of bamboo, covered with the palm leaves.

The second part of the trip is a tour to the Auri Islands, 30 kilometres away from Roon. They are totally different: small, low, with white, endless beaches. Further south we sail to look for the whale sharks.

Day 1

Picking up a group from the airport in Manokwari, embarkation, buying a pass for Cenderawasih Marine Reserve, dinner on board and departure.

Day 2

Mioswar Island, diving on the nearby reef, a trip to the hot springs and bathe in the warm river.

Day 3

Roon Island, diving: “North Cape”, “Underwater Rocks”, visiting the village Yende and “Shallow Dive”.

Day 4

Wasior waterfall, Aysemdami waterfall, diving: “Selat Roon”.

Day 5

Auri Islands, camping and campfire on the Kaka/Kaki Island.

Day 6

Matas Island and the Isle of Kwom.

Day 7

Searching for whale sharks.

Day 8

Roon Island, camping and campfire.

Day 9

A lonely reef in the middle of the Cenderawasih Bay.

Day 10

Purup Island.

Day 11

Wreck diving in Manokwari.

Day 12

After breakfast transfer to the airport and departure from Manokwari.

 The program of the trip can be slightly modified due to weather conditions or organization problems.

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