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into the Valley of Balli in central New Guinea

A trip to the wild tribes Dani

Balli Valley is approximately 75 kilometres long and between 15 to 30 kilometres wide. Baliem River has its source in the mountains Trokora and meanders through the jungle and villages.

Dani tribe is best known in Papua. They live in small villages of round huts of wood, covered with hay. They grow sweet potatoes in the gardens surrounded by stone fences. Inhabitants of town of Wamena are living in the mountain villages in a same way they did thousands years ago. They are very warm and friendly to tourists.


Day 1

  • A flight Sorong – Jayapura
  • applying at the police station for a permit to go to Wamena (“surat jalan”)
  • visiting the market it Jayapura, where one can find great suvnirs from Papua (masks, drums, spears)

Day 2

  • a flight Jayapura – Wamena
  • exploring the town, the market and gifts’ shop

Day 3

  • hiking between the mountain villages of the tribe Dani

Day 4

  • watching the traditional war dance
  • visiting 300-year-old mummy of a warrior

Day 5

  • departure from Wamena